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Automatic environmental mold frame oil injection machine for all oil

Patent number:201721169914.6

  Automatic environmental mold frame oil injection machine designed by Nantong Hengda company, with patent, can be customized according to user’s mold frame size. Commonmold frame oil injection machinespecifictaion is 6m /4.8m /4.2m . PLC control, specialized manual made nozzle, suitable for all viscosity mold oil injection, avaliable each oil and no oil jam, no need labor,uniform oil injection, save oil and high efficiency.

  Automatic oil injection machine use0.6MPa compressed air as power, manual made nozzle to atomize, oil mist less than 1 micron, uniform oil injection. Under compressed air function, close to impact mold frame surface, strong adhesive force,less oil, high efficiency. One mold frame oil injection just need 90s, oil mist enclosed in mold frame, no pollution and save labor, good reputation by users.

Working paramaters as follows:
Working air pressure:6±1 kg/square centimeter
Working tempurature: 55±5 degree
Single mold working time:90s
Oil capacity:different company different proportion mixed oil, single frame oil using capacity just for reference:

Mold frame specification


mold frame


mold frame


mold frame

Single mold oil using capacity




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