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HDQT5-18 concrete block making machine


    HDQT5-18 brick blocks shaping machine, spired from summary of the advantages of the world similar type machines, based on the development of the bearing building blocks, the fly ash, burner slag as the raw materials of manufacturing the non-bearing light collected materials building blocks, and the application and repair condition of our urbans and suburbs intermediate-small building blocks enterprises also been considered, then comes out the type of the machine.

    The machine has been adopted the table, mould press, combining shaking structure, products shaping quick, impact, and even strength. You can manufacture various specifications of products freely only by the change of the mould. It has the characteristics of easy project-start, low investment, quick return, etc.


Technical data:

Pieces each moul

          390×190×190mm  block       5pieces

          200×100×60mm   paver       20pieces

          240×115×53mm  standard brick  34pieces

Time sysle: 18s/time

Power: 28.2kW

Pallet size: 1100×570×20mm

Machine size: 4280×2400×2380mm

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