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YJ-3000 Curb Hydraulic Pressing Machine(YJ-1500L LHydraulic Machine of Crashworthy Curb Stone, Footpath Blocks)


YJ-3000 Curb Hydraulic Pressing Machine
Main Technical Data:
Maximum:3000kn Cylinder Diameter:360mm
Installed Power:17.2kw Weight: 10800kg
External dimension: 2140*2000*1970mm
Daily output: (maximum 750mm length) 800pcs
Mainly produce:
All kinds of large-size concrete products as crashworthy waterproof curb stones, ipen area blocks, footpath blocks, grass plantin bricks, colcred circular bricks etc., within the dimension of 750*500*200mm.

YJ-1500 LHydraulic Machine of Crashworthy Curb Stone, Footpath Blocks
Main Technical Data:
Maximum Pressure: 1500kn Cylinder Diameter:250mm
Installes Power:9.7kw Weight: 3600kg
External dimension:2390*1150*3500mm
Daily output: Crashproof curb stone 800pcs 500*600mm
Curb stone 1100pcs 500*300mm
Mainly produce:
All kinds of special bricks such as common bricks, grass planting bricks, colored circular bricks etc., size of which is within the dimension of 500*600mm.

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